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The first International Congress of Pressing Iron & Equipment Collectors was held on November 18th 1976 in Paris / France. In the following 43 years, beside France additional 15 international congresses in Holland, England, Germany, Switzerland and Romania have been executed (see also separate list). In 2015 the first International Overseas-Congress was organized by our collector friends in USA.

Since 1976 the international congresses have been held in a regular sequence of three years.

In Germany, 15 pressing-iron-collectors met the first time between June 11th and 17th 1976 in Gelsenkirchen for a working party, and already in 1982 the first international congress in Darmstadt / Germany was organized. During this event the new name and logo of the "German collectors association Zirkel der Sammler & Freunde Früher Bügelinstrumente" (Circle of Collectors & Friends of Early Ironing Equipment) was introduced. This emblem was created by Werner Loecherbach, following an example of an antique coat of arms from a tailor-guilt. It is up to now the emblem of our collectors community.

The first National Collectors Meeting was held in 1983 in Munich. During this meeting rules and guidelines for all later events have been adopted.

Opposit to the French example, the German collectors decided, neither to form a registered organization or club, nor to nominate an executive committee. This loose connection of far more than 100 collectors is surprisingly proven to be effective for more than 40 years.

Beside national and international congresses, yearly several buy and sales meetings, have to be organized. Furthermore since 1999 a separate round-table meeting in Diepholz / North Germany, and another round-table discussion takes place in yearly alternating sequence between the South-German States Baden-Wuerttemberg and Rheinland-Pfalz and the Eastern French District Elsass. The German national Congress will be canceled, whenever an International Congress is held.

All common sessions over many years have always been voluntarily organized and successfully carried out by one or several individual collectors. Because of all those regular meetings of persons with the same interest in Early Ironing Equipment precious contacts and long lasting friendships have been generated.

The next International Congress of Pressing Iron and Equipment Collectors will be held from September 6th to September 9th 2018 at LINDAU-Island in the Lake of Constance / GERMANY.

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