Dear collector friends,

we hope, that everybody in the meantime received our announcement for the
16th International Congress of Pressing Iron and Equipment Collectors
from September 6th to September 9th 2018.
If this should not be the case, please give us a notice by the e-mail address below.

We are sure, that quite a few of you would like to know some more details about the selected location and place for the scheduled event in 2018. Here are now some further information:

LINDAU is located at the north-eastern banks of the 63 km long LAKE CONSTANCE, the thirdlargest inland lake in Europe. The distance from Lindau to Austria is only about 10 km (6 miles) and to Switzerland is about 30 km (19 miles). The major portion of LINDAU-CITY, with an entire population of approx. 25 000 is situated on mainland and belongs to the State of Bavaria.

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Our meeting will be held on LINDAU-ISLAND, which is connected to the mainland by a 150 m long bridge and by a separate railway dam. The Island has a max. length of 1 300 m (0.8 miles) and a width of 666 m (0.4 miles). The permanent population of Lindau-Island is about 3 000, which can be a few times larger during tourist seasons.

The existing Congress building will be renovated and extended until 2018. LINDAU-Island can be reached either by railway or by car. There are several public parking lots, but transportation by car is not really necessary, because all hotels are located within walking distance to the Congress Place.

The closest international airports are Frankfurt and Munich. A connecting flight from Frankfurt to the domestic airport Friedrichshafen takes about 50 minutes, from where Lindau-Island can be reached by train within about 45 minutes, or by car in half an our.

From Munich airport to Lindau-Island there is a train connection, which takes about 4 hrs. If driving by car, you will need about 3 hrs.

We hope, our report makes you excited about Lindau. At a later date we will give you some additional information about the congress.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2018

Ilona & Wolfgang Krambrock

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